Cash in with Cash Out – our new great betting feature. Optimise your winnings, minimise your losses and take total control of your bets.

Our Cash Out feature!

Experience our new sports betting feature: Cash Out!

This new feature allows you to cash out your bets at any time you want! Whether it is in the middle of the action during an event or before it has even started.

Optimise your winnings, minimise your losses and take total control of your bets.

Here's how to use Cash Out:

  1. Log in and place a bet of your choice.
  2. Access “My bets” located on the header or via the bet confirmation page.
  3. Select “Cash Out”.
  4. Accept the T&Cs (one off).
  5. Select the eligible bet you wish to cash out.

Q. What types of bets can be cashed out?
A. Cash Out is available for single bets, Multi bets, pre-event bets and live betting.

Q. When can I Cash Out?
A. Cash Out is available immediately when an eligible Cash Out bet is placed, including before a game has started.

Q. Is Cash Out always available?
A. No. There are certain scenarios where Cash Out is not available, including but not limited to:

  • Certain bet types or events.
  • System bets.
  • Bets placed using a FreeBet.
  • Bets placed using bonus money.
  • Bets where the cashout value is 0.
  • Bets linked with promotional offers.

Q. How do I know if I can cash out?
A. Only bets with an active ‘Cash Out’ button can be cashed out. For pre-event bets, the Cash Out option will be available in the ‘Cash Out’ section located next to the bet slip. For live bets, Cash Out is located in the ‘Open’ section located under the ‘My bets’ tab.

Q. How is the cash out amount calculated?
A. The Cash Out amount is calculated based on the original stake, the status of any selections that have been completed and the current price of the unsettled selection or selections (Multi bets). This may result to an amount greater or less than the original stake.

Q. Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?
A. Terms and Conditions can be found here.